“Max & Me” Heads to the Berlinale Film Market

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Production has wrapped in Mexico City on Dos Corazones Films’ animation as the company prepares to introduce it to Berlin buyers in February.

Bruce Morris wrote Max & Me, the story of youngster who leans about sacrifice through the story of a brave Polish priest during the Nazi invasion of Poland.

The voice cast includes David Henrie, Ashley Greene, Neal McDonough and Hector Elizondo.

Donovan Cook serves as chief animation consultant and worked closely with Patricia García Peña and Gregorio Núñez’s animation company Imagica.

Pablo José Barroso and Claudia Nemer’s Mexico City-based Dos Corazones Films developed, financed and produced Max & Me

Barroso and Nemer have earmarked a July 2016 release to coincide with World Youth Day.

Dos Corazones’ single-picture investments in film range from $10-$50m while television investments fall in the $5-$10m range.


Ashley Attends BROOKS BROTHERS Celebrates The Holidays With St Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Dec. 13th)

Ashley and Paul attended the BROOKS BROTHERS Celebrates The Holidays With St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Town & Country event in Los Angeles last night. I have posted some cute pictures and hopefully we will get HQ ones soon. Enjoy!

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Public Appearances > 2014 > December 13 – BROOKS BROTHERS Celebrates The Holidays With St Jude Children’s Research Hospital And Town & Country

First ‘Urge’ Production Still

Here is the first still of ‘Urge’ with Ashley and you can check it out in our gallery. The movie finished last month in NYC and today we got an interview of the director and writer Aaron Kaufman and couple of new images from the movie.

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Ashley & Paul Having Fun in the Snowy Portland

Ashley and Paul are in Portland and they posted some amazing pictures and video of them being adorable in the snow. Enjoy!

We had our own white party in Portland @ashleygreene #mt.hood #portland

Um vídeo publicado por Paul Khoury (@paulkhoury) em

Christmas came early @paulkhoury #mt.hood #thanksgiving #winterwonderland

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Just chillin on my thinking rock

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Cute Thanksgiving Picture of Ashley with her Godson

Ashley is spending the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends and here is an adorable picture with her Godson. Check it out!

Definitely not the ordinary attire for Thanksgiving, but I like it. @emilyolsen @paulkhoury

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Pictures of Ashley at the Cirque Du Soleil World Premiere of Joya in The Riviera Maya, Mexico

Ashley attended the Cirque Du Soleil World Premiere of Joya in The Riviera Maya, Mexico on November 21st. She looked absolutely beautiful in a red gorgeous dress. Thanks to Where to GO Playa del Carmen for the pics. Enjoy!

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Public Appearances > 2014 > November 21 – Cirque Du Soleil And Vidanta Group Present The World Premiere Of Joya In The Riviera Maya

New Picture of Ashley with the ‘Urge’ Cast & Crew

Aaron Kaufman the director of ‘Urge’ posted a new group picture from the last days of filming earlier this month. Enjoy!

New Pictures of Ashley in Mexico

After working on ‘Urge’, Ashley is enjoying some quality time with her family and Paul in Mexico. Here are some cute pictures from instagram. Enjoy!

Doesn't get much better. #Mexico #daddysgirl

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I found indy's doppelgänger in Mexico!

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She fits perfect ?? @ashleygreene

Zdj?cie zamieszczone przez u?ytkownika Paul Khoury (@paulkhoury)