Pictures of Ashley at the Cirque Du Soleil World Premiere of Joya in The Riviera Maya, Mexico

Ashley attended the Cirque Du Soleil World Premiere of Joya in The Riviera Maya, Mexico on November 21st. She looked absolutely beautiful in a red gorgeous dress. Thanks to Where to GO Playa del Carmen for the pics. Enjoy!

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New Picture of Ashley with the ‘Urge’ Cast & Crew

Aaron Kaufman the director of ‘Urge’ posted a new group picture from the last days of filming earlier this month. Enjoy!

New Pictures of Ashley in Mexico

After working on ‘Urge’, Ashley is enjoying some quality time with her family and Paul in Mexico. Here are some cute pictures from instagram. Enjoy!

Doesn't get much better. #Mexico #daddysgirl

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I found indy's doppelgänger in Mexico!

Ein von Ashley Greene (@ashleygreene) gepostetes Foto am

She fits perfect ?? @ashleygreene

Zdj?cie zamieszczone przez u?ytkownika Paul Khoury (@paulkhoury)

Ashley on the Set of ‘Urge’ (Nov. 13th)

Ashley was photographed  with Indy arriving on the set of ‘Urge’ yesterday. It seems yesterday was the last day of filming. Thanks to hqutopia for the pics. Enjoy!

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Ashley Filming ‘Urge’ in New York City (Nov. 12th)

Ashley was photographed on the set of her new movie ‘Urge’. I have added to the gallery some pictures. Check them out!

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Movies Productions > Urge > On Set Candids > November 12, 2014 – Filming In New York City

New Oakley Women Eyewear Advert of Ashley

Oakley Women released a new advert with Ashley for the new eyewear campaign so, be sure to check it out.

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‘Wish I Was Here’ Screencaptures

I have added to the gallery HQ screencaptures from Ashley’s cameo in ‘Wish I Was Here’. Be sure to check it out, it’s such a great movie.

thumb_WIWH_038.jpg (110×120) thumb_WIWH_046.jpg (110×120) thumb_WIWH_061.jpg (110×120) thumb_WIWH_070.jpg (110×120) thumb_WIWH_083.jpg (110×120)

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Ashley at the GEMS Symposium (Nov. 3rd)

Ashley attended Yoana Baraschi’s GEMS Symposium in New York on November 3rd. GEMS (Girls Educational Mentoring Services) is to empower women who have been affected by commercial, sexual, and domestic trafficking. Ashley was one of the panel speakers and below you can read why she involved in this great cause. I have added to the gallery some pictures.

“I think everyone should have someone that’s rooting for them; telling them that they are worth it and they can reach for the stars. I was very lucky to have parents who taught me that I was worthy of whatever I wanted, but I want to share that feeling with people who have had less fortunate situations.” source

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